David R. Meldrum, MD

Dr. Meldrum is the BEST! Atfer trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for almost two years, my husband and I decided to visit Reproductive Partners. From our initial consultation with Dr. Meldrum, he was already giving us advice and "tips" on what we should be doing and not doing. He laid out all our options for us and what our chances of success for each option was to get pregnant. He explained everything very clearly and thoroughly so that my husband and I could make an informed decision. We opted to try IVF and it worked on the first try! I have friends who have done 3-4 cycles of IVF with other doctors. I am now 20 weeks pregnant, half way through my pregnancy, thanks to Dr. Meldrum and the Reproductive Partners Staff.Dr. Meldrum is definitely the shy, more introverted type. However if you ask the questions, he has the answers. He was very thorough, always reassuring to us, always patient, always caring, and answered our questions. He is an expert in his field. My husband and I trusted Dr. Meldrum every step of the way and really enjoyed our office visits. IVF is a very stressful process (both pyshically and emotionally). Knowing you have the best doctor definitely helps relieve some of that stress.I cannot thank Dr. Meldrum enough for his expertise and caring. We will definitely go back to Dr. Meldrum if needed for our next baby!

Finally I get pregnant because of Dr. Meldrum and all staff's great support. Dr was always positive thinking, yet explained the situation clearly, and that made us motivated and we made it!Definitely I will visit Dr. Meldrum again to transfer our frozen embryos.We really appreciate to have a chance to work with Dr. Meldrum!

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Meldrum and his staff. They are all very dedicated and knowledgeable in their field. We are one of their many success stories. Our dreams of having a family came true in October... THANK YOU Dr. Meldrum!!

Dr. Meldrum is a pleasure to work with, very professional and truly a genius in his area of expertise.
Dr meldrum was excellent made me feel comfortable and the ivf procedure was painless. The staff was supportive and helpful every step of the way. I am now pregnant with fraternal twins with my first ivf procedure and only 5 mature eggs to transfer with 4 fertilized. I couldn't ask for better results or a better experience with dr meldrum and his staff. Forever thankful!

Dr. Meldrum is great! We went to another reproductive center first who only cared about $/sales so asked my OB for a 2nd referral & had a fantastic experience @ Reproductive Partners,RB. All the staff is really helpful and friendly. I highly recommend him and his office. They did not push IVF like the other center and only suggested insemination. We held off and ended up pregnant naturally 2 months after our appointment. The office monitored me with weekly ultrasounds to monitor the baby which was really reassuring. (We had 3 very early miscarriages.) It was so amazing to watch that little black dot get bigger and bigger each week! They gave us fantastic service even though we didn't use their services to get pregnant. If you want advice or encouragement or just information go to Reproductive Parters in Redondo Beach!!!!


I am no longer seeing patients, but I continue to consult at Reproductive Partners Medical Group in La Jolla, where we have made it a prority to transfer a single high quality embryo in as many of our patients as possible, to avoid the very significant complications of multiple pregnancy for both mother and her newborn. We currently have one of the highest implantation rates in the nation. To learn more or to see one of our physicians, go to our website.